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Is Girardi hurting Joba?

Posted on: August 26, 2009 9:38 am
The Joba Rules..............................

One term that can quickly turn some peoples stomach. The Yankees have determined that they want to limit his innings to about 160 for the season. Since he is at about 130 now, Girardi has looked to push him back a day or two when he can. Lets look at this for a moment. Since the All-Star break, Joba started his first 4 games with a 4-0 record giving up 6 runs in 26.2 innings.He also had 24 strikeouts. So we are looking at a stat line of 4-0  2.06 era  8.24 K's per 9 innings......Not too shabby.

Since the implementation of the "New Joba Rules", Chamberlain has started 3 games. He is 0-2  giving up 15 runs in 15 innings pitched. He has struck out 12. So his stat line is    0-2   9.00 era 8.0 K's per 9 innings.....Not Quite what he had.

Pitchers have a complex personality. They have a set ritual they do. When you start "messing with their head", they try to compensate by adjusting their routine. Obviously this move has distracted Chamberlain from pitching the way he had been prior to the change.

I understand why they want to do this, but I do not agree with it. The "Kid" is 23 ( he does not turn 24 til Sept. ) he should be able to go 190 without breaking a sweat. I guess I am still living in the past when starting pitchers would pitch complete games. The funny part of this whole thing is the rap on Girardi was that he burnt out pitchers, now he is holding one back, and in the process messing up his head.

If the Yankees want Chamberlain to succeed, they need to start him every 5th day and not skip him.

But thats just one mans opinion
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Posted on: August 28, 2009 11:19 am

Is Girardi hurting Joba?

The innings limit has absolutely ZERO to do with Joe Girardi. Sure Girardi might think its a good idea but he was instructed by the front office to limit his innings.

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Posted on: August 28, 2009 7:37 am
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Posted on: August 28, 2009 1:11 am

Is Girardi hurting Joba?

not only is joe hurting joba but he is hurting the whole team, the moves he makes kills the team i can name a hundred examples from this year alone. lets talk about the other night when the yankees are down against texas, they are all hitting the ball coming back from i think it was 10-5 in the 9th, 0 outs 1st n 2nd swisher up he has the guy bunt??  swisher bunt? why joe? everyone is hitting the ball and you have him bunt, what happends? he pops it up and the next batter hits into a double play and the game is over, or how about throwin brian bruney in when the games are not close but he keeps giving up homers and makes the game close and you have to use riveria when you were tryin to save him?? now he's used up and you cant use him the next game when you might really need him.. this guy kills me, if this talented team didnt win on just talent this coach would be gone by now!! he wont last 2 more years i bet anything on it!

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 11:41 pm

Is Girardi hurting Joba?

By the time the guy finally gets to a point where he can just pitch....they will start to reduce his work load because he is too old.  Pitchers pitch...I understand the initial year of trying to allow him time to adjust, but come on already.  He is almost 24 years old.  Time to earn his keep.

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 10:23 pm

Is Girardi hurting Joba?

Chamberlain could also do his job and pitch decently more than twice a month. I'm so sick of hearing about how it's everyone else's fault that he's always at 95 pitches at five innings, or every time he gets two strikes on a hitter, he either can't finish him of or he takes another four pitches to get him out.

His last start was a joke. Two outs, nobody on in the fourth

2-2 on Rodriguez...walk
0-2 on Andrus...three pitches later, hit

1-2 on Borbon...three pitches later, hit

1-2 on Hamilton...two pitches later, hit

2-2 on Byrd...four pitches later, out

FOUR different times, he was one pitch away from ending the inning, and four seperate times, he couldn't get the job done.

I'm not saying the Yankees are handling him well, but it's so annoying that HIS meltdowns aways get blamed on someone else. He needs to quit trying to strike out every hitter he faces and work on going deep into games and trusting his defense. He's only had a quality start in 50% of his starts for his career

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 6:30 pm

Is Girardi hurting Joba?

As much as I agree the sound of the word pitch count is hurting the purity of the game the hard cold facts are too many good young arms are getting wore out too fast due to the number of games they are playing now leading to excessive wear and tear. Tommy John was just some guys name a couple years ago now its as common a phrase as jock itch. As I wrote that statement I began to think maybe the answer is to experiment with a 6-man rotation to lighten the load a bit. Lot of guys would hate that idea and it might just make a good arm go cold especially in case of a skipped start from a couple days of rain but it also might help eliminate the issue of burnt out arms too...

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 2:12 pm

Is Girardi hurting Joba?

i fail to see how pitch count and wang hurting his ankle has anything to do with each other. Sure they could throw pitch count to the wind but alot of these pitchers would have a lot shorter careers now. I also think your sample size is too small to really get a good read if that was the problem or not. I just think he is an above average starter.

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 11:46 am

Is Girardi hurting Joba?

I think Joe Giradi is hurting Joba Chamberlain but its the right thing to do. Remember in the past when managrs have ran their young pitchers into the dirt. The Marlins did it with Anaibel Sanchez and Josh Johnson and the Twins did it with Fransico Liriano. We havent heard from Sanchez and Johnson has recovered to be a mighty good pitcher. Now Fransico Liriano has never recovered from Tommy John surgery after a spectacular 2nd half in his rookie season. I think its a good idea for managers to let pitchers work there way up in innings becuase it helps the team in the long run. 

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 10:30 am

Is Girardi hurting Joba?

The whole pitch count aspect has ruined baseball.
If modern day athletes are so much bigger, stronger, faster - then why are they breaking down so easily? 
Wang gets shelved after running a base?   Give me a break! 
Legends like Koufax, Spahn, Gibson, Whitey, Seaver, Carlton, Guidry, etc. must wretch every time they see a starter get pulled after 100 pitches - only to be lauded for a 'quality start'. 
Texas finally came to their senses and let Nolan Ryan bring some common sense and sanity back to their team - and look what happened there. 

As far as Joba goes, you reared him as a reliever.  Why try to change that on the Major League level now? 
If he's gonna be restricted with IP, then guess what, Tampa geniuses...
The ideal place for him is a little place called the bullpen. 


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